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  • Last trade: $5,675.01USD
  • Volume: 32.30815425XɃT
  • Low: $5,675.00USD
  • High: $5,872.69USD

Would you like to accept Bitcoin at your business? QuadrigaCX makes it easy, for both online and brick and mortar businesses to accept Bitcoin, and get paid in the currency of their choice. Our merchant system is easy to use, and offers many features to suit your business needs. For merchants who are interested in accepting bitcoin, but would like to avoid the risk of bitcoin price fluctuations, the QuadrigaCX system is a perfect solution.

Key Features

  • Available for both online and brick and mortar businesses
  • Get paid in the currency of your choosing, without worrying about exchange rates
  • Numerous payout options, including direct deposit, cheque, wire transfer, and more
  • Minimum $50 payout
  • Sophisticated SCI that is compatible with any online merchant
  • Simple tablet-based POS for brick and mortar businesses
  • Accept payments in CAD, USD or XɃT
  • Low 1% fee on all transactions

Online Solution

To begin using the QuadrigaCX merchant platform on your website, please create a QuadrigaCX account, and then visit the "Merchant Setup" section within your account. Full details regarding website integration can be found here.

Online setup will require basic programming knowledge, though uses a very similar format to other online payment processors. Our system allows for instant payment verification, and uses standard callbacks to communicate with your SCI.

Example: https://www.quadrigacx.com/examples/advanced

If you have any questions regarding our online merchant solution, or need assistance with installation on your website, please contact our support team at contact@quadrigacx.com

Brick and Mortar Solution

Now is the perfect time to get your business on the bitcoin bandwagon! With the QuadrigaCX merchant platform, you can easily accept bitcoin with any internet enabled tablet, such as an iPad or Android tablet. You can even accept bitcoin at your business using your phone.

Merchant Interface Example: https://www.quadrigacx.com/examples/quick

If you operate a business and would like to accept bitcoin, our team would be happy to provide you with a turn key solution that requires no effort on your part. Simply contact us at contact@quadrigacx.com and we will setup the merchant interface for your store at no cost to you.