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CryptoQuadriga is your place for crypto news, articles and all the buzz around the booming blockchain technology and digital currencies’ trading.

The crypto articles media website will reveal to-the-point information about:

  • start trading with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • understanding the price charts of all cryptocurrencies available online
  • frequently occurred mistakes of renowned Bitcoin traders
  • best practices about Bitcoin trading

CryptoQuadriga website may seem familiar to you as it was previously named QuadrigaCX (Quadriga Fintech Solutions) that got an unfortunate fame led by its CEO Gerald Cotten. Believed to be “Canada's largest cryptocurrency exchange”, QuadrigaCX failed to stay on the market due to a great debt of the CEO that caused over 76 000 creditors to lose a total of $215.7 million. The same amount is reported to have been relocated to other investments to which Cotton “only held the password to all off-line cold wallets.

CryptoQuadriga want to clearly state that our team strictly differentiates with the past history of QuadrigaCX and its management. CryptoQuadriga is providing information around the Bitcoin market and is NOT a financial advisor or tool to invest in trade crypto with.

The only purpose of the website is to serve the audience as a preferred news board for all people interested in blockchain technology, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Trading in total can be a very insecure field to put your savings, that’s why all renowned finance specialists advise you to invest the amount of money that you’re comfortable with. In this manner you will not risk more than you are ready to and it probably won’t lead you to make bad decisions. That will cause you lose money.

CryptoQuadriga is here to help you with adequate information and analysis about the risks when starting with trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you want to be successful at trading equals the time and money you spend on acquiring new and relevant skills – such as the one that you can find regularly with CryptoQuadriga. This is one of the most important lessons as a start of your Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies adventure.