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  • Last trade: $1,068.00USD
  • Volume: 9.75291138XɃT
  • Low: $1,050.05USD
  • High: $1,068.00USD


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  • 0.2-0.5% Trading Fee
  • CAD/XɃT Trading
  • USD/XɃT Trading
  • XɃT/ΞTH Trading
  • CAD/ΞTH Trading


  • Encrypted Cold Storage
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Collaborative Security with Cloudflare
  • Collective Intelligent Threat Detection
  • Global Load Balanced Network


News Board

Holiday Banking Hours December 31st, 2016

Please note that Canadian banks are closed Dec 24th - 27th and Jan 1-2. Incoming wire and draft fundings will occur on January 3rd. Direct deposit and wire withdrawals will arrive on January 5th.

Ethereum Hard Fork October 17th, 2016

In cooperation with the Ethereum community's decision to hard fork on MainNet block #2,463,000 due to recent network attacks. - projected to happen on or around Tuesday, October 18th - we will be suspending Ether fundings and withdrawals roughly 1 hour before the hard fork. Only funding/withdrawals of Ether are disabled while order placing and trading of both Ether and Bitcoin remain completely active.

Upon receiving confirmation from the Ethereum Foundation and the Ethereum community on which fork has become the primary Ethereum blockchain, we will re-enable all Ether functionality.

If you want personal control of your tokens from the old blockchain, you must withdraw your ETH from the platform before the fork occurs.

For more information feel free to read through the official Ethereum blog post

Happy Thanksgiving October 10th, 2016

To our members in Canada from all of us at QuadrigaCX, we'd like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving weekend. Please note that Canadian banks are closed Monday October 10th and our support team will be working on a reduced schedule until Tuesday the 11th. Have a safe long weekend.