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News Board

CIBC case update December 16th, 2018

The Superior Court of Justice has approved the payment of funds out of court.

There will be some delay before the funds are available to be paid to QCX and can be used to fund withdrawals. First the court must process the order, then, according to the terms of the order, the funds go first to QCX’s payment processor, and from there to QCX. As soon as the funds have been received by QCX, it will provide an update.

We appreciate your patience as these delays are beyond the control of QCX, and are unavoidable.

New withdrawal method available: Physical Cash Pickup December 3rd, 2018

We are pleased to announce our newest withdrawal method has now gone live.

We have partnered with selected stores to provide local cash pickup - as we have just started exploring this new method, only one store in Montreal, QC has been set up at the moment. We have another store going live next week in Cornwall, ON and hopefully many more.

The flow is simple, you request a withdrawal on QuadrigaCX and can go to collect it 48 hours after the request. As we are trialling this, it's currently limited to $2500 a day but will be pushed higher once we have completed this trial run. All you need is print the summary page (or the email we send) and bring some form of identification with you when you go to pick up the money but please make sure your name and address are fully up to date on your profile and match the ID. Failure to do so will prevent the money being released to you.

If you need further assistance with your name or address changes, please contact our support team (support.quadrigacx.com) who will be happy to help you out.

More information can be found on withdrawal/physical_cash_pickup/cad

Bitcoin Cash SV trading is now available November 22nd, 2018

Great news! We have now added the Bitcoin Cash SV balances to all the accounts and allowed trading to begin.

Bitcoin Cash ABC (known as BCH on our platform) fundings and withdrawals have been enabled again but Bitcoin Cash SH (BSV) fundings and withdrawals will remain disabled until further notice.